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  • Gym Company

    Gym Company

    How much is gym per month? On average, gym memberships in 2023 are expected to cost between $20 and $60 per month, depending on the factors above. However, it’s essential to remember that prices vary significantly from Gym to Gym, so it is best to research to find the best gym membership for your budget. What…

  • Bookstore

    What is the difference between bookstore and Bookshop? Bookstore is the correct spelling. Book store is incorrectly used instead of the compound word bookstore. In British English, bookshop is more commonly used. The plural form is bookstores or bookshops. Why buy books from a bookstore? The staff in bookstores are knowledgeable and friendly. They’re working…

  • Balton

    Who is the CEO of Balton? Andy Baker – Group CEO – BALTON CP LIMITED | LinkedIn. Who owns Amiran? the Balton CP group of companies A part of the Balton CP group of companies headquartered in the United Kingdom and spread throughout Africa and Israel, Amiran Kenya provides complete solutions in all of its fields of expertise.…

  • Rage


    Can rage blacklist you? Methods of Payment for South African Rage Accounts What is even more interesting is that Rage does not blacklist its members for late payments. If one fails to pay for a sequence of payments, one is termed a bad payer. Can you pay rage account online? You may pay for your online…

  • PEP Cell

    PEP Cell

    Pep is a multinational retail company based in Cape Town, South Africa. Founded in 1965, Pep operated in 11 countries in Southern Africa with the opening of an outlet in Lobito, Angola in November 2008.

  • Hill Care

    Address : Room 204 Level 200 Carlton Centre, 150 Commissioner Street, Marshalltown, 2001 Telephone : +27 11 331 2348

  • Ocean Basket

    How much is platter for two at Ocean Basket? There are no rules on how to enjoy our Platter for 2. craving break on through, for only R310. Explore our value meals: https://oceanbasket. How many ocean baskets are there in South Africa? The concept caught on quickly and today there are 166 Ocean Basket locations in South Africa…

  • Viva Afrika

    Viva Afrika

    Who owns Viva Afrika? Bernard Pienaar and co-owner Luis Madiera set up Viva Afrika over twenty years ago. Who makes hybrid speakers? HYBRID+ is our flagship brand, offering features and performance comparable to world-renowned brands and making HYBRID+ one of the best price-to-performance ratio brands. Viva Afrika only sells to accredited dealers in South Africa. Please contact…

  • Pharmacy

    What are the requirements to study pharmacy in South Africa? Entry requirements include Matric bachelor certificate with a minimum of 27 APS score. For each compulsory subject, the minimum score is Mathematics 5, English 4, Life Sciences 5, Physical Sciences 5. Other Additional subject(1) 4 and Additional subject (2) 4. The scores exclude life orientation. What…

  • Abortion Clinic

    What are the rules for termination of pregnancy in South Africa? Termination of pregnancy is when a woman decides to end her pregnancy by medical means before the full term. The woman must be under 13 weeks pregnant to end the pregnancy without giving reasons. If she is between 13 and 20 weeks pregnant, the pregnancy…

  • SK Cinema

    How much does it cost to watch a movie in SA cinema? Price Matters Cinema Format Price FULL VIP 3D KIDS / PENSIONERS R120,00 XTREME 2D/3D R170,00 XTREME 2D/3D KIDS / PENSIONERS R105,00 XTREME 2D/3D WOWZA WEDNESDAY R105,00 What is the price of Ster-Kinekor? Ster-Kinekor’s ticket prices vary depending on the cinema and type of…

  • Crossover

    What does crossover work? Crossover is a recruitment platform which specializes in 100% remote jobs. We connect talented professionals from around the globe with companies that are looking to hire the very best. How do I join cross over? Selection Process Who founded crossover? Andy Tryba Crossover was founded in 2014 by Andy Tryba on the belief that…

  • Musica

    Clicks Group said on Thursday it had decided to close its Musica entertainment business due to the shift to digital consumption of music, movies and … Musica has closed 19 stores since the start of the 2021 financial year and is now trading from 59 outlets.

  • Game

    Be employed and earn over R2,000.00 per month. Have a South African ID book or Smart card or a valid driver’s license. Bank with a South African Bank (this is where your income should be deposited every month). Latest payslip which will serve as proof of income.

  • Urban Zulu

    The direct translation of the word “Zulu” means Heaven. Urban Zulu embodies the ideal of the Urban Heaven. Inspired by the spiritual, connected to the beauty and texture of the physical, Urban Zulu reflects the balance between the higher ideals of love and unity and practical functionality.

  • Cyber Zone

    Address: 132 Main St, Marshalltown, Johannesburg, 2001 Phone: 011 331 5204

  • Kodak

    The Eastman Kodak Company is an American public company that produces various products related to its historic basis in analogue photography. The company is headquartered in Rochester, New York, and is incorporated in New Jersey.

  • Mr Delivery

    Mr D Food will be taking orders from 8:00 to 22:00 daily. We plan to expand outlets, areas and trading times as soon as we can.

  • The Love Inn

    Address: Shop No. 116, Carlton Centre Mall, 150 Commissioner St, CBD, Johannesburg, 2001 Phone: 011 331 9531

  • Boston


    Boston City Campus and Business College is a multi-city business college located in South Africa. Boston City Campus was founded by Ari Katz in 1991. In 1997, Boston City Campus opened a new division called Boston Business College and, after opening 11 colleges in Gauteng, started franchising the concept nationwide.

  • A1 Sound

    A public address system is an electronic sound amplification and distribution system. It reinforces a voice, as in announcements, or amplifies instruments or audio sources. In its simplest form, a PA system brings audio to an audience – with three key pieces of equipment: microphone. amplifier.

  • 8ta

    Telkom, is a South African mobile telecommunications company. Telkom was launched in October 2010 and is owned by Telkom SOC. Telkom phone numbers use the 0811 to 0819 dialling prefixes. Telkom’s Main competitors in South African mobile telecommunication industry includes MTN, Vodacom, Cell C and Rain

  • Delivery Extreme

    Address: Howard House, 207 Main St, City and Suburban, Johannesburg, 2000 Phone: 011 833 2121

  • SARS

    The South African Revenue Service is the revenue service of the South African government. It administers the country’s tax system and customs service, and enforces compliance with related legislation.

  • PEP Home

    PEP Home

    Find out more. Use your PEP account card at any PEP and any of our family of stores, which include Refinery, Ackermans, Tekkie Town, Dunns, Dealz, and Shoe City stores.

  • Computicket

    Utilising the Group’s existing infrastructure, Computicket operates in every Checkers and Shoprite Supermarket and Hyper store, selected Usave and House & Home stores, as well as freestanding outlets.

  • Skipper Bar

    Address: Shop Number 11B, Morimar Building, 291 Pretorius St, Pretoria Central, Pretoria, 0001 Phone: 012 320 6215

  • Nu Metro

    Nu Metro Cinemas is a South African cinema company. Its head office is in Dunkeld West, Gauteng. Nu Metro’s history dates to when the first Metro Theatre opened in Johannesburg in 1932. The oldest still-operating Nu Metro cineplex is Bedford, which opened in 1972.

  • MultiChoice

    MultiChoice is a South African company that operates DStv, a major satellite television service in Sub-Saharan Africa and GOtv, a minor service operating in over nine countries of this area and Showmax service.

  • Bidvest Bank

    Bidvest Bank, is a business bank in the Republic of South Africa. It is licensed as a “locally-controlled bank” by the Reserve Bank of South Africa, the national banking regulator. It is a niche bank specialising in foreign exchange and providing retail banking, vehicle financing and insurance.

  • Romans Pizza

    Roman’s Pizza is a South African-based pizza restaurant chain franchise founded in 1993. Originally named Little Caesar’s when it was founded by Arthur Nicolakakis in Pretoria. The chain was rebranded in 2002 and renamed Roman’s Pizza.

  • Multiserv

    Types of shoes that typically work well for repairs include high heels, loafers, flats, dress boots, work boots, and sandals. What’s the common theme among these types of repairable shoes? That’s right! Shoes that are the most consistently repairable are ones made out of leather (or some vegan leather alternatives).

  • Cell C

    Cell C

    Cell C Limited, based I Buccleuch, Sandton, South Africa, is a 22-year-old proudly South African customer-first mobile network operator recognised as one of the country’s 30 most valuable brands; and …

  • Side Step

    Side Step

    Side Step guarantees 100% authenticity of all the products they retail. We do not sell, accept, or otherwise deal with counterfeit, grey or factory fault variants. You can buy with confidence as all products retailed are thoroughly inspected by experienced staff for condition and authenticity.

  • PC Training Business College

    It’s Further Education programmes are provisionally accredited with the UMALUSI’s Council as a Private Further Education and Training College and Adult Basic Education and Training Centre (ABET) with reference FET00148PA.

  • African Bank

    African Bank Limited, is a retail bank in South Africa, that offers financial products and services. The Bank is licensed as a “locally controlled bank” by the South African Reserve Bank.

  • Sky Rink

    Ice skating is the self-propulsion and gliding of a person across an ice surface, using metal-bladed ice skates. People skate for various reasons, including recreation, exercise, competitive sports, and commuting.

  • King Pie

    The ultimate King Pie kingdom around the country was developed, franchising the brand into 45 territories with pie making factories. The King Pie Group is sold to the existing JSE listed company, Reserve Holdings. The King Pie Group is sold to The Bidvest Group Limited.

  • DMD Shop

    DMD Muracchini Rustenburg Shop No 3, 87 Fatima Bhayat Rustenburg DMD Muracchini, Franco and Mirella Paolucci founded DMD Linea Italiana in May 1973.

  • Ice Rink

    An ice rink is a frozen body of water and/or an artificial sheet of ice created using hardened chemicals where people can ice skate or play winter sports. Ice rinks are also used for exhibitions, contests and ice shows.

  • Transnet Hub

    Transnet is a State Owned Company (SOC), wholly owned by the Government of the Republic of South Africa and is the custodian of rail, ports and pipelines.

  • Checkers

    Checkers is a FMCG retailer owned by Shoprite that operates in Southern Africa. Checkers currently has 37 Checkers Hypers and 202 Checkers supermarkets operating in Botswana, South Africa and Namibia.

  • Palazzo Pitti

    Recent visitors said this is a must-see spot and a great area to people-watch, view magnificent sculptures and rest travel-weary feet (though past travelers recommended avoiding the restaurants in this area, calling them “outrageously overpriced.” To avoid the height of the crowds, visit in the evening.

  • Capello

    Friends and co-founders Ben Frohlichstein and Stacey Marcellus had always shared a love for cooking and feeding people. But it wasn’t until they ditched their jobs in search of a life in which they could add a different kind of value to the world that this passion truly began to flourish.

  • Capitec

    Capitec Bank is a South African retail bank. As of August 2017 the bank was the second largest retail bank in South Africa, based on number of customers, with 120,000 customers opening new accounts per month.

  • Galaxy World

    There is fun for the whole family with ten pin bowling, pool tables, a pub, bumper cars, internet access, and an arcade with over 100 hi-tech coin operated amusement machines.

  • Women’s Clinic

    Unjani Clinic aims to bring quality affordable healthcare services to communities across South Africa. By building a successful network of clinics owned and run by professional nurses, Unjani Clinic is empowering black women, improving healthcare quality and access, and creating employment in our communities.

  • Vodacom

    Vodacom Group Limited is a South African mobile communications company, providing voice, messaging, data and converged services to over 55 million customers.

  • Galitos

    Owner Louis Germishuys perfected a recipe in his father’s garage before opening his first store opposite a Nando’s. Although he never intended to franchise the brand, today Galito’s has 160 stores across four continents.

  • Ster Kinekor

    Ster-Kinekor is a South African-based cinema company, and the country’s largest movie exhibitor. It represents 60-65% of the market, having 45 cinema complexes consisting of 398 large-scale screens and 58 089 seats; 138 state-of-the-art 3D screens across the country with 129 in South Africa.

  • Identity

    PAY3 allows you to split purchases into 3 interest-free payments: a single upfront payment at the time of purchase (this amount could be up to 50% of the purchase amount – our store staff will let you know your initial payment amount at the time of your purchase) followed by two equal monthly payments.

  • Milky Lane

    Since 1958, our Feelgood Specialists have been serving up smiles and swirling sweet treats in wonderfilled styles. From our famous waffles to fun creations and more, every moment here is a celebration galore. It all begins with our secret NiceCream.

  • Sterns

    An engagement ring is usually given as part of the proposal or, if not, at an early point in the engagement. By contrast, a wedding ring is traditionally a plain metal band or a diamond-encrusted eternity band that you receive when you exchange your vows during the wedding ceremony.

  • Sheet Street

    What are the benefits? Over and above the benefits you get when opening your account, you can now shop so much more across Mr Price, Mr Price Home, Mr Price Sport, Mr Price Cellular, Sheet Street or Miladys all on one card.

  • Fish and Chips

    Fish and chips is a hot dish consisting of fried fish in batter, served with chips. The dish originated in England, where these two components had been introduced from separate immigrant cultures; it is not known who combined them.

  • Arthur Ford

    Arthur Ford

    To redeem vouchers, you can find different outlets you want to redeem a voucher for using your crowns in the ‘redeem rewards’ section on the app home screen. You will then be sent an SMS with the voucher code which you will need to show the store assistant when shopping in store.

  • Old Mutual

    Old Mutual

    Old Mutual Limited is a pan-African investment, savings, insurance, and banking group. It is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange, the Namibian Stock Exchange and the Botswana Stock Exchange.

  • Wimpy


    Wimpy is a fast-food chain that was founded in the United States. It found its success internationally, mainly in the United Kingdom and South Africa. It has changed between being a table-service establishment and counter-service establishment throughout its history.

  • Telkom

    Telkom SA SOC Limited is a South African wireline and wireless telecommunications provider, operating in more than 38 countries across the African continent.

  • Legit


    LEGiT now accepts the RCS card. Spend R500 on your RCS card at LEGiT and get R200 off. Terms & Conditions Apply.

  • MTN

    MTN Group Limited is a South African multinational mobile telecommunications company, operating in many African and Asian countries. Its head office is in Johannesburg. As of December 2020, MTN recorded 280 million subscribers, making it the 8th largest mobile network operator in the world, and the largest in Africa.

  • Ackermans

    Ackermans is a South African chain of clothing retail stores. Founded in 1916 in Wynberg, Cape Town, Ackermans has over 700 stores across Southern Africa, including in Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, eSwatini and Zambia, and is headquartered in Kuilsrivier near Cape Town.

  • Nedbank

    Personal loans – Call us on 0860 103 117 or send an email to Amex – Call us on 010 217 4660. Go Banking – Call us on 010 217 4058. SAA Voyager – Call us on 010 217 4358.

  • Spitz

    With the humble beginnings of a single store in Johannesburg CBD opened by Anthony and David Spitz in 1968, Spitz has grown from strength-to-strength to become synonymous with the excellence of the exclusive international brands it offers in store.

  • Truworths


    Truworths is a Cape Town-based, South African clothing retailer, with 728 stores in South Africa, and 49 elsewhere in Africa.

  • Fishaways

    Fishaways offers them a wide range of delicious seafood meals that have proven to be exceptionally popular. In fact, we’re gaining ground all the time and are one of the fastest growing franchise networks in South Africa, having expanded to well over 250 restaurantsin Africa.

  • Edgars

    Edgars is a Johannesburg-based chain of stores present all over Southern Africa. The department store was previously selling clothing, shoes, homeware & beauty and under new leadership has recently shifted its focus to mass-market fashion and beauty products.

  • Steers


    Steers is a South African quick-service restaurant brand, serving burgers and chips. Other menu items include chicken burgers, ribs as well as ice cream, milkshakes and chicken & salads among other things.

  • ABSA


    Absa Group Limited, and originally Amalgamated Banks of South Africa, is a South African-based financial services group, offering personal and business banking, credit cards, corporate and investment banking, wealth and investment management, as well as bank assurance.

  • McDonald’s


    McDonald’s Corporation is an American multinational fast food chain, founded in 1940 as a restaurant operated by Richard and Maurice McDonald, in San Bernardino, California, United States.

  • Exact


    Payment options include Credit and Debit cards (Visa and MasterCard), any TFG Account card and EFT. One card to pay for your items. You need a linked card to your online profile – you can apply for an account, and link your card online. When you log in with the profile, the card will be available…

  • Total Sports

    Total Sports

    They can only be used for On-line shopping at the following brands: @home, Archive, donna, Duesouth, Exact, Fabiani, The Fix, Foschini, Hi, Markham, Relay Jeans, Soda Bloc, Sportscene, Totalsports. The eVoucher may not be used to pay your account at these stores.

  • Top of Africa

    Top of Africa

    Currently there is no indication that there are plans to reopen this attraction. Despite being built way back in the 1970s, the hulking 223-metre colossus that is the Carlton Centre is still Africa’s tallest skyscraper.

  • The Fix

    The Fix

    Its subsidiary, Foschini Retail Group Proprietary Limited, trades as the following retail brands @home, @homelivingspace, American Swiss, Charles and Keith, Collette, Donna, DueSouth, Exact, Fabiani, Foschini, G-Star, Hi, Markham, sportscene, Sterns, The FIX, Totalsports and TFG Insurance; selling clothing, jewellery, …

  • Foschini


    Its subsidiary, Foschini Retail Group Proprietary Limited, trades as the following retail brands @home, @homelivingspace, American Swiss, Charles and Keith, Collette, Donna, DueSouth, Exact, Fabiani, Foschini, G-Star, Hi, Markham, sportscene, Sterns, The FIX, Totalsports and TFG Insurance; selling clothing, jewellery, …

  • Johannesburg

    Johannesburg, South Africa’s biggest city and capital of Gauteng province, began as a 19th-century gold-mining settlement. Its sprawling Soweto township was once home to Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu. Mandela’s former residence is now the Mandela House museum. Other Soweto museums that recount the struggle to end segregation include the somber Apartheid Museum and Constitution…

  • PEP


    Pep is a multinational retail company based in Cape Town, South Africa. Founded in 1965, Pep operated in 11 countries in Southern Africa with the opening of an outlet in Lobito, Angola in November 2008.

  • Timberland


    Timberland LLC is an American manufacturer and retailer of outdoor footwear, owned by VF Corporation and founded in Boston, Massachusetts in 1952. The company also sells apparel and accessories including watches, eyewear, and leather goods. Timberland’s corporate headquarters are located in Stratham, New Hampshire.

  • Jet


    The Foschini Group bought Jet for R480 million in 2020; now, it has brought back Jet Home and has ten stand-alone stores. The group began rolling out stand-alone Jet Home stores three months ago, after launching the home offering inside its existing Jet stores in August.

  • Dischem


    Dis-Chem is the second largest retail pharmacy chain in South Africa, with 165 stores, plus 4 in Namibia and 1 in Botswana. The chain had a total revenue of 21.4 billion South African rand in 2019.

  • Markham


    James Albert Markham (born December 22, 1943) is an American hair stylist and serial entrepreneur, who has founded four hair care companies– Markham Products, ABBA Pure and Natural, PureOlogy Serious Colour Care, and, most recently, ColorProof Color Care Authority.

  • FNB


    First National Bank is one of South Africa’s “big four” banks. It is a division of FirstRand, a large financial services conglomerate, which trades on the Johannesburg Securities Exchange, under the symbol: FSR.

  • Woolworths


    Woolworths Group Limited is an Australian retail company headquartered in Bella Vista, Sydney, with extensive operations throughout Australia and New Zealand. It is the largest company in Australia by revenue and the second-largest in New Zealand.

  • KFC


    KFC is an American fast food restaurant chain headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, that specializes in fried chicken. It is the world’s second-largest restaurant chain after McDonald’s, with 22,621 locations globally in 150 countries as of December 2019. The chain is a subsidiary of Yum!

  • Chicken Licken

    Chicken Licken

    Chicken Licken is a South African fast-food fried chicken restaurant chain. The company had a 5% share of South Africa’s fast food market in 2010, tying with McDonald’s.

  • State Hotel

    State Hotel

    The Carlton Hotel is a historic hotel in the Central Business District of Johannesburg, South Africa. It opened in 1972 as part of the enormous Carlton Centre complex, and has been closed since 1998.

  • Mr Price

    Mr Price

    Mr Price Group is a cash-based fashion-value retailer, and is a public company listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. Established in 1985, the retailer has 2,543 stores which are mainly in South Africa, as well as online channels

  • Nandos

    Nando’s is a South African multinational fast casual chain that specialises in Portuguese flame-grilled peri-peri style chicken. Founded in Johannesburg in 1987, Nando’s operates over 1,200 outlets in 30 countries. Their logo depicts the Rooster of Barcelos, one of Portugal’s most common symbols.

  • Debonairs


    Free Delivery applies to all orders of R250 or more, within a delivery distance of 5km from the restaurant. Do all Debonairs Pizza restaurants offer delivery services? Most, but not all Debonairs Pizza restaurants offer delivery services.

  • Cash Crusaders

    Simply click here to sell online > or visit your closest store. do you trade or I have to sell it then buy the Xbox360? Hi there, you’ll have to sell us your PS3 to buy the Xbox 360. Please visit your closest Cash Crusaders store and our team will help you with this.

  • Spur

    Spur Corporation is a steakhouse franchise restaurant chain originating from South Africa with a focus on family dining. The head office of Spur Corporation is situated in Century City, Cape Town.

  • Sportscene

    Accounts are available to anyone over the age of 18 years who are employed (either full-time or part-time) or who are supported by their spouse or parents. We will need a completed application form & a copy of your ID book. We will then review your application & may ask for 1-3 months proof of income.

  • Clicks


    Founded by visionary retailer Jack Goldin. Clicks was originally conceived as a drugstore but owing to restrictive legislation in South Africa at the time Jack’s pharmacy dream was only realised 35 years later. From the outset the brand commits to offering its customers value with the promise of You Pay Less at Clicks.

  • Pick n Pay

    Pick n Pay

    The Pick n Pay Group is a retail business in the fast-moving consumer goods industry. The Group operates through multiple store formats under three brands – Pick n Pay, Boxer and TM Supermarkets. Pick n Pay also operates one of the largest online grocery platforms in sub-Saharan Africa.

  • Carlton Centre

    Carlton Centre What became of the Carlton Centre?In 1999, Anglo American sold the entire Carlton Centre complex to Transnet for R33 million, a fraction of what it had originally cost to build. The office tower and shopping center are still operational, but the Carlton Hotel has remained vacant despite various plans to renovate it in the…

The Carlton Centre is a 50-storey skyscraper and shopping centre located on Commissioner Street in central Johannesburg, South Africa. At 223 metres, it is the fourth tallest building in Africa after The Leonardo, the Mohammed VI Tower in Morocco and the Iconic Tower in Egypt.

Carlton Centre