PC Training Business College

PC Training Business College

What courses does PC training offer?

PC Training & Business College Courses

  • Faculty of Administration & Financial Services.
  • Faculty of Business & Management Sciences.
  • Faculty of Engineering & the Built Environment.
  • Faculty of Hospitality & Tourism.
  • Faculty of Information Technology & Design.
  • Faculty of Public Administration.
  • Short ITC Courses.

Who is the owner of PC Training and Business College?

Jay Ramnundlall – Owner

Jay Ramnundlall – Owner – PC Training & Business College (Pty) Ltd | LinkedIn.

Is PC Training and Business College public or private?

It’s Further Education programmes are provisionally accredited with the UMALUSI’s Council as a Private Further Education and Training College and Adult Basic Education and Training Centre (ABET) with reference FET00148PA.

What does MSC Business College offer?

MSC offers a wide spectrum of qualifications. Students can choose from careers in Human Resource Management, Marketing, Information Technology, Business Administration, Travel & Tourism, Accounting & Bookkeeping, Project Management, or Public Relations.

PC Training Business College






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