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Truworths is a Cape Town-based, South African clothing retailer, with 728 stores in South Africa, and 49 elsewhere in Africa.



Which shops are linked with Truworths?

Exclusively owned or licensed brands include Truworths, Truworths Man, Hemisphere, Trench, Moskow, Extream, Inwear, Identity, Daniel Hechter, LTD, LTD Kids, Ginger Mary, Uzzi, Hey Betty, Outback Red, OBR, Finnigans, Emily Moon, Earthaddict, Earthchild, Naartjie, Office London, Loads of Living, Context, Fuel, Primark

Is Truworths part of Woolworths?

In 1981 Truworths merged with Woolworths to form the Wooltru (JSE:WLO) Group. This led to a period of positive growth, including the launches of Daniel Hechter, LTD, Identity and Truworths Man. Truworths was partially unbundled from Wooltru and relisted in 1998. Wooltru divested of all of its Truworths shares in 2002.

Who owns Truworths in South Africa?

Truworths International


Truworths forms part of Truworths International, an investment holding company listed on the JSE, whose companies are engaged in the retailing of fashion apparel and accessories.

Does Truworths have a WhatsApp number?

The fashion retailer does not have a WhatsApp number. You can contact the store using other means mentioned below.