Urban Zulu

Urban Zulu

What does urban Zulu mean?


The direct translation of the word “Zulu” means Heaven. Urban Zulu embodies the ideal of the Urban Heaven. Inspired by the spiritual, connected to the beauty and texture of the physical, Urban Zulu reflects the balance between the higher ideals of love and unity and practical functionality.

Who is the owner of Urban Zulu?

Papy Kaluw

Papy Kaluw is a self-taught fashion designer and founder of Urban Zulu. From humble beginnings in Congo, Papy is now a global name as his pieces celebrate African heritages and arts.

What does an unmarried woman wear in Zulu?

Unmarried girls’ clothing include long strips of twisted beads called “izincu” around their ankles, elbows and waists. Young girls also wear short beaded skirts, colourful necklaces and beaded headbands. Children wear bead-work around their waists and necks.

What does the Zulu outfit signify?

Zulu men traditionally wear animal skins and feathers. Because the Zulu revere leopards as the king of all predators, only royalty are allowed to wear leopard skin. A front apron (isinene) and a rear apron (ibheshu) are worn to cover the genitals and buttocks.

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