What does crossover work?

Crossover is a recruitment platform which specializes in 100% remote jobs. We connect talented professionals from around the globe with companies that are looking to hire the very best.

How do I join cross over?

Selection Process

  1. HOW IT WORKS. There are just under 8 billion people in the world today. … 
  2. Pass cognitive aptitude test. … 
  3. Pass English proficiency test. … 
  4. Prove real-world job skills. … 
  5. Ace an interview or two. … 
  6. Accept job offer.

Who founded crossover?

Andy Tryba

Crossover was founded in 2014 by Andy Tryba on the belief that there is talent distributed worldwide but the opportunities for that talent is not. They work to find, test, assemble and manage cloud-based teams. They operate in over 108 countries.

How do I contact Crossoverint?

Please email us at for more info and to assist you in processing the return and collection.







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