Milky Lane

Milky Lane

Who is the owner of Milky Lane?

Christian Avant is an online social media, marketing and PR guru who has single-handedly driven the online success story and viral marketing of Milky Lane.

When did Milky Lane open in South Africa?

Since 1958, our Feelgood Specialists have been serving up smiles and swirling sweet treats in wonderfilled styles. From our famous waffles to fun creations and more, every moment here is a celebration galore. It all begins with our secret NiceCream.

What is Milky Lane known for?

Milky Lane: Australia’s Best Burger, Dessert & Cocktail Restaurant.

Do you have to be 18 to go to Milky Lane?

🍔 Australia’s BEST Burgers Cocktails Desserts. ☺️ All Ages Welcome.

Milky Lane






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