Is Musica still open?

Musica shuts its doors after 29 years

Clicks Group said on Thursday it had decided to close its Musica entertainment business due to the shift to digital consumption of music, movies and … Musica has closed 19 stores since the start of the 2021 financial year and is now trading from 59 outlets.

Why is Musica closed?

“The inevitable demise of the brand has been accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemicwhich resulted in the rapid decline in foot traffic in destination malls where Musica stores are typically located,” the company said.

Can I buy online from Musica?

Check online in the Musica webshop whether your favourite product is in stock or available at your Musica branch.

When did Musica close down?

Musica announced that all its stores are now officially closed via social media on Wednesday, 26 May. The last Musica store officially closed its doors on Wednesday, 26 May, after 29 years of connecting South Africans to the music and movies they love.







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