How do I get my Nedbank account?

Download the Nedbank Money app to open your account in five minutes

  1. Open the app and select ‘Become a client’.
  2. Enter your ID and cellphone number.
  3. Consent to our processing your personal info.
  4. Follow the prompts to confirm your details.
  5. Give our app permission to access your camera.

How do I access my Nedbank Internet Banking?

Accessible registration for your Online Banking

Go to and activate the the link called ‘Register for online banking’ to register for Nedbank ID. Follow the prompts and accept the Approve-it message that will be sent to your smartphone.

How do I activate my Nedbank online?

How to register on Online Banking

  1. Go to and select Register.
  2. Enter your South African ID number or foreign passport number.
  3. Accept the Approve-it message on your cellphone.
  4. Create your Nedbank ID username and password.

How do I contact Nedbank about a loan?

Personal loans – Call us on 0860 103 117 or send an email to Amex – Call us on 010 217 4660. Go Banking – Call us on 010 217 4058. SAA Voyager – Call us on 010 217 4358.







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