Romans Pizza

Romans Pizza

Roman’s Pizza is a South African-based pizza restaurant chain franchise founded in 1993. Originally named Little Caesar’s when it was founded by Arthur Nicolakakis in Pretoria. The chain was rebranded in 2002 and renamed Roman’s Pizza.

Romans Pizza

How much is 2 large pizzas from Romans?

Roman’s Pizza – Get ANY 2 Large Pizzas For Only R129. 90… | Facebook.

Who founded Roman pizza?

Mr. A. Nicolakakis

It all started in 1993 when owner Mr. A. Nicolakakis, a restauranteur by trade, purchased a flagging pizza restaurant with the intention of turning it around with his extensive knowledge and expertise.

Which is better debonairs or romans pizza?

For delivery time, Debonairs came out on top with Roman’s Pizza having the best value per slice. Domino’s came out tops for the tastiest slice, but the overall brand experience belonged to Debonairs. “We are overwhelmed by the amount of interest and support from both the industry and the public alike,” concludes Ross.

What is the history of Roman pizza?

In Rome, pizza developed as something baked in commercial bread ovens after the daily bread was finished, just in time to be served for lunch. Originally it was topped with olive oil, or cheese and vegetables, and then from the 18th century onwards with fresh tomatoes or passata (tomato puree).






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