Transnet Hub

Transnet Hub

Where is the head office of Transnet?


Transnet / Headquarters

138 Eloff Street, Braamfontein, JOHANNESBURG, 2000.

Who manages Transnet in South Africa?

the Government of the Republic of South Africa

Transnet is a State Owned Company (SOC), wholly owned by the Government of the Republic of South Africa and is the custodian of rail, ports and pipelines.

How do I contact Transnet?

+27 86 120 4485

  1. 0800 003 056. Fax.
  2. 0800 007 788. E-Mail. TPT – Commodity Heads. Area Title. Name and Surname. ​Region​ Contact Details. Sales – Bulk, Agri-Bulk and Break-Bulk. ​Sihle Mpungose. Durban and Eastern Cape Terminals. Sales – Auto. Joseph Ntlatleng. Durban and EC Terminals.

What is the full name of Transnet?

Transnet Engineering (formerly Transwerk)

Transnet Hub






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