Women’s Clinic

Women’s Clinic

How much does it cost to have an abortion at Lister Clinic?

Please note that Lister Clinic is no longer open 24-Hours. Our dentists and x-ray/radiology occupy the entire 4th floor. Closed on Sundays and public holidays.

Lister Clinic® | Dr. Maphisa & Partners Inc. EST. 2002. ​Women’s Clinic | Sister Brenda.

0 – 9 weeksR 1 900
19 weeksR 5 200
20 weeksR 5 500

How does unjani clinic work?

Unjani Clinic aims to bring quality affordable healthcare services to communities across South Africa. By building a successful network of clinics owned and run by professional nurses, Unjani Clinic is empowering black women, improving healthcare quality and access, and creating employment in our communities.

What is Tucson Woman’s Clinic v Eden?

Eden (2004) The case Tucson Woman’s Clinic v. Eden (2004) established that some of Arizona’s abortion clinic laws violated physicians’ and patients’ rights to privacy, and it required Arizona’s abortion laws to be rewritten.

Women’s Clinic






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